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STARR is a data resource that is designed to improve access to healthcare data by researchers.  STARR contains data from Stanford Health Care, and the Stanford Children’s Hospital and supports diverse use cases and research applications. STARR has raw data, analysis ready data, linked data across different data modalities, support for different data models, multiple clinical data warehouses, data search and access tools, data de-identification pipelines, concierge services, training and documentation.

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Announcements for Stanford researchers:

  • May 29, 2024: Starting 18th Jun 2024, MRNs created at Stanford Hospitals will have 10 digits (vs the current 8 digits). This may affect your analytical workflow if you are assuming MRNs are a fixed length. If you do not have access to STARR user slack channel or STARR Tools and find yourself requiring the details on the ranges and allocations for the two hospitals, please request a consultation with one of the STARR team members. 

Self-service tools

The self-services tools are designed to meet a range of use cases such as cohort analysis using a graphical user interface, SQL access to pre-IRB databases, access to de-identified clinical text, linking multi-modal pre-IRB data, complex phenotyping and more.

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Research support

Research IT and Research Informatics Center host a number of office hours, and online tutorials sessions. We provide access to documentation and code, monitor a slack channel and provide mechanisms to file bug reports. 

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Consulation services

Where self-service tools and research support are insufficient, researchers can request additional data and technology services via consultation services.

More about our consultation services