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Learn more about the data modalities, and procedures and policies related to STARR data access.


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Guidelines and Procedures

Regulatory processes around using patient data for research are complex and depend on nuances of what you are trying to do. 

Learn more about Stanford procedures

Data types in STARR

STARR has a number of types that are linkable to each other, and Research IT is able to de-identify these data modalities at scale. 

Learn more about data types

Data models

STARR supports a number of research Clinical Data Warehouses (r-CDWs). These r-CDWs use different data models e.g., an in-house model, OHDSI OMOP Common Data Model and pediatric PEDSNet data model. 

Learn more about data models in STARR


STARR has a number of capabilities in real time alerting, de-identification, flowsheet processing, Natural Language Processing and more.


Learn more about methods in STARR